If you, or one of you in a couple, are under State Pension Age any new claim for benefit help will be for Universal Credit. This could also apply if you have a change in your circumstances while on old-style benefits.

Some people, particularly if you are working, can be better off on Universal Credit. Some people can be worse off. Once you are on Universal Credit you cannot go back to the old-style benefits, so it’s important to check out your options if you choose to make the move to Universal Credit.

Our Successful Tenancies Team keep up to date on all benefit information and can help you to understand your options.
Ask for help here: 

You can use our  Better Off Calculator  if you feel that you can do this yourself. You can even forward the results to the Team if you’d like help understanding the results.

For full details on Universal Credit visit the Government website  Universal Credit: What Universal Credit is...

Most Universal Credit claims are managed online. To start your claim, visit  Universal Credit online - Universal Credit.

If you do need to claim Universal Credit, either as a new claim or because you’d be better off, don’t put it off. Any delay in making a claim could mean that you lose the benefits you are entitled to.

When you get Universal Credit your Housing Costs (rent) are included in the single payment that you will receive. You must pay your rent to your landlord yourself. You can amend or setup a Direct Debit from the account summary page: 

Your Council Tax is not covered by Universal Credit – you will need to make a separate claim to your Local Authority for help with Council Tax

The Government is working to get everyone on working-age benefits moved on to Universal Credit by 2024. This is called ‘Managed Migration’.

If you get a letter telling you that you need to make a claim, please contact our  so that we can discuss this with you to make sure that you don’t lose out.